Working Holidays for Singaporeans (New Zealand)

Working Holiday New Zealand

Working Holiday in New Zealand

Work Exchange Program
Every year, only 200 vacancies are available under this plan to young citizens (18 to 30 years old) of Singapore who are either undergraduates or graduates of a Singapore university or polytechnic. Successful candidates can stay up to six months in New Zealand. The progam runs from November every year.

Criteria / Eligibility:

  • Be at least 18 years old, and not more than 30 years old
  • No children are allowed to join you for the program
  • Have a return ticket or enough funding to purchase a return ticket (may be required to provide evidence of this upon arrival at immigrations)
  • Have a minimum of NZ$2250 (approximately SGD $2220)
  • Meet New Zealand’s immigration health and character requirements:
    • Health Requirements
    • Character Requirements
  • Have comprehensive health and hospitalization insurance during the stay in NZ
  • Must be going to New Zealand with intention of holiday, with work or study only as secondary intentions
  • Have not been approved under a Working Holiday Scheme before
  • Not more than three years from date of graduation from a Singapore university or polytechnic

Only Online Applications are available:

While at New Zealand:

  • You must not take up permanent employment (unless you are granted an ordinary work visa while you are there)
  • You will be able to enroll in courses of training or study up to three months duration in total

Tax Issues:

As with New Zealand workers, you will require an IRD number for your employer to deduct tax from your earnings.
You will be able to get the IRD number by completing the application form.

More information on IRD Number and Taxes for Working Holiday in New Zealand.
For more information on Working Holidays in New Zealand for Singaporeans, please visit NZ’s immigration website at:

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