Lazarus Island

Lazarus Island Beach

Explore Singapore Islands – Lazarus Island

We love the: Turquoise sea water, fine white sand (almost), less crowd (for now), friendly cats around the island, lots of greenery, tranquility, away-from-the-city kind of feels.

We dislike the: Toilets – nearest toilet is at St John’s island, near the bridge to Lazarus (please bring your own toilet paper), absence of shops / amenities.

Lazarus Island Beach

On a good weather day, you might want to bring:

– LOTS of sun block. Or you can look like a red lobster for a day and peel like a snake for the next few days. Caps and Umbrellas too.

– Swimwear! Even if you didn’t plan to swim, bring them just in case the inviting waters are so alluring that you end up jumping into the waters fully clothed, like us.

– Picnic mat. We didn’t prepare one and had butt-shaped sand imprints on our pants after.

– Some snacks and drinks as there are no shops on the Islands. Do have some drinking water to prevent dehydration and heat stroke. Please clear the rubbish before you leave the place and keep this precious beach clean!

Singapore Island Cruise Ferry Tickets (2-way trip)
Adult $18
Child (below age 12) $12

Singapore Island Cruise Ferry Ticket

Ticket Booth looks like this:

Singapore Island Cruise Ferry Counter

Ferry Schedules (Departing Marina South Pier)

Marina South Pier -> St John’s Island
Monday to Friday Saturday Sunday & Public Holidays
10am 9am 9am
2pm 12pm 11am
3pm 1pm

Ticketing booth closes at 3pm.

Ferries loop from Marina South Pier to St John’s Island to Kusu Island and back to Marina South Pier.

For updated info, please visit Singapore Island Cruise website.

Ferry Schedules (Departing St John’s Island)

St John’s Island -> Kusu Island & Marina South Pier
Monday to Friday Saturday Sunday & Public Holidays
1045am 945am 950am
245pm (Last Ferry) 1245pm 1150am
345pm (Last Ferry) 150pm
550pm (Last Ferry)

Ferries loop from St John’s Island to Kusu Island and back to Marina South Pier.

Please arrive earlier if you are taking the LAST FERRY.

For updated info, please visit Singapore Island Cruise website.


How to Get To Lazarus Island from St John’s Island

Route map:

Route to Lazarus Island Beach

Alighting from the ferry at St John’s Island’s jetty:

St. John's Jetty

Turn to your left and walk until you see a platform like this on your left:

This is how the platform will look like when you are walking along it:

At the end of the bridge / entrance of Lazarus, you will be greeted with a No Littering signboard, as well as a pavilion further behind:

Follow the road / pathway and walk all the way:

Until you come to a pathway on your right, which will bring you to Lazarus crescent-shaped Beach:

Lazarus Island Beach

How to Get To Marina South Pier

By Train / Bus

Alight at Marina Bay Station (note that it’s MARINA BAY not Marina Bay Sands)

Use Exit B, turn right at the exit and follow the sheltered walkway.

Cross the traffic light straight ahead and on the left, and you will see a bus stop.

Take Bus 402 and alight after 2 stops at Marina South Pier Terminal.

Ferry at Marina South Pier:

Marina South Pier Ferry


Marina South Pier

31 Marina Coastal Drive, #01-04 Marina South Pier, Singapore 018988

Lazarus Island


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