Applying Chinese Chess Strategies To Life

Chinese Chess Strategies

The game of chinese chess requires strategies and forwarding thinking vision in order to win. How can we apply the strategies from playing chinese chess to life?

Know what is happening around you and view it as a whole picture

When you are so focused on “attacking” one thing (career, studies, earning money), take note of the little movements and changes happening around you. These little changes away from your focus can come back to you in a flash and you may find yourself regret not placing more efforts earlier. Don’t wait for something unpleasant to happen and react to it; have an overview of all the little things important in your life and know what is happening around you now!

Stop wasting time doing unnecessary stuffs

In the game of chess, you wouldn’t want to waste your turn moving chess pieces to nowhere. Each move you make has a purpose and likewise in life, be conscious of what you are doing. It’s ok to chill and relax (just being human), but choose to stop spending time on things you know will not make a positive impact for your life in the long run.

Every situation (good or bad) can always be turned around

There are bound to be times where we may find ourselves in a bad situation. Remember, that there will be a solution for every problem. If you ever played a game of Chinese chess thinking you were going to win yet ended up losing (or vice versa), know that almost every situation can be turned around. Sometimes, all it takes is one move to turn the tables around. Believe in your own capabilities and tap on your resources to have the odds in your favour!

Losing something may gain you more

When two chess pieces are in danger at the same time, it may be a dilemma to have to choose which one to let go. In life, which chess piece would you choose to let go? Sometimes, the purpose of letting go might be to bring you something even greater. Only you can make the decision for yourself after weighing the pros and cons. Choose the one you know you won’t regret many years down the road.

Winning is not everything

All of us are here to learn and to live. We fall down many times as a child until we learn how to walk, and in the game of chess, no one wins without learning how to play it first. We may keep losing for the first few rounds, until we learn of the strategies and apply it to the game. There are times we may fail, we may feel lost, or just feel like life has not been figured out yet. There is no need to win in every game, or compare yourself to someone who’s better in the game. All we need to win in every game is to learn something, know what we want next, and making sure we are the owners of our own happiness.

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